Construction & Real Estate

Construction and real estate disputes involve many parties, including developers, constructors, associations, and residents/tenants. What makes such disputes even more difficult for resolution is because they involve many complicated issues among multiple parties.

HwaHyun provides legal advisory and dispute resolution services across all issues in relation to large-scale real estate transactions, project financing, and developments.


We provide the full range of legal services in this practice area, including the following:

  • Acquisition and disposition
  • Leasing of offices and residences
  • Construction dispute resolution
  • Real estate development
  • Finance and tax

Selected Cases

  • SK: SK Telecom’s sale of its headquarter buildings
  • S-Oil: S-Oil’s construction of its new headquarter building
  • S-Oil: S-Oil’s purchase of land in Daesan Industrial Complex
  • Kolon: Kolon Corporation’s sale of its headquarter building
  • KyoOne: KyoOne Group’s purchase of its headquarter buildings
  • CC Partners: Acquisition of Sun-In Shopping Center in Seoul by CC Partners (U.S.-based)
  • Various: Real estate development through project financing: Sanyosoo Country Club, O2 Resort, Ulsan Kolon Parkpolis, Bucheon Central Bus Terminal, Songdo IT Center, etc.)


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